1.a. "Ante" (6)
1.b. "Hardo" (2+1)
2.a. "Blaža" (2+2)
2.b. "Toni" (2)
2.c. "Damir" (4)
2.d. "Emil" (2+1)
  Brodarica is a village with approximately 3000 inhabitants, situated next to the Adriatic motorway, 7 kms south of the cultural and historical town of Šibenik, with a population of 45 000.
One part of Brodarica, just as our apartments, stretches directly along the seafront.
Split Airport is just 50 kms away and we can meet you there, if you decide to travel by plane.
The island of Krapanj, with a population of some 250, is the lowest-lying inhabited island in the Mediterranean. It is well known especially for sponge harvesting and it lies opposite of Brodarica at a distance of 400 meters.
Owing to favourable sea currents, the sea is extremely clean with a temperature rising up to 26ºC.

Brodarica is not a tourist resort, but rather a peaceful village for holidays without large hotels and a lot of noise.